• Chris Keefer

C4NE pro-nuclear petition with 6K signatures read in House of Commons

On March 25th a pro-nuclear petition with almost 6000 signatures put forward by Canadians for Nuclear Energy and endorsed by Liberal MP Julie Dzerowic was read on the floor of the House of Commons. This petition asks the Canadian government to support the maintenance and expansion of our CANDU reactor fleet as well as further research and deployment of small modular reactors.

The petition draws attention to the Intergovernmental panel on climate change’s (IPCC) call for an increase in Nuclear energy worldwide by 150-500% in order to meet our climate commitments. Canada is well positioned to play its part in the expansion of this vital deep decarbonisation tool due to our history as one of the earliest pioneers of nuclear energy and our uranium sector which fuels all of Canada’s nuclear reactors as well as much of the US and Europe’s nuclear fleet providing the majority of zero emissions energy in these two jurisdictions.

The petition also calls attention to the role played by nuclear in the Ontario coal phaseout which was called the “Single greatest greenhouse gas reductions measure in North America” by the Ontario Power Authority and was made possible by our CANDU reactors providing 90% of the energy required to replace coal generation.

Canada’s outsized role in the production of medical Isotopes was emphasized as isotopes are fundamental to modern healthcare in Canada and around the world. We produce enough Cobalt 60 in our CANDU reactors to sterilize 20 billion pieces of medical equipment per year.

Lastly, the petition points towards the idea that Canada’s nuclear sector should be the backbone of a green recovery from COVID as we transition away from fossil fuels. 60,000 Canadians already work in the sector in high quality, mostly union jobs and our supply chain is 95% made in Canada. Every dollar spent on nuclear energy is a dollar invested in our communities, our workers and our industries.

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Canadians for Nuclear Energy