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Victory: Feds Correct Course on CANDU Finance

The 2023 Federal Budget, at long last, includes CANDU. It offers, among more:

  • 15% investment tax credit for all nuclear projects, including large nuclear and refurbishments.

  • $1.3 billion for much-needed regulatory efficiency gains

Why it matters: Last year, the federal government helped nuclear energy by including Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in a 30 percent investment tax credit, but left out CANDU. The overwhelming majority of Canada's nuclear sector relies on CANDU -- Canada's homegrown nuclear technology that drove coal off of Ontario's grid and now provides 60% of the power to our largest province.

Investment in CANDU technology, through refurbishments and new builds to meet urgent electricity needs, offers a proven path to clean energy security with unmatched economic return for the country. By previously disadvantaging CANDU through its exclusion from tax benefits, Canada shot itself in the foot. Now, with the government slowly coming around to CANDU, the future of Canada is starting to look brighter.

C4NE's role: Canadians for Nuclear Energy took swift action to put CANDU on equal footing as other clean energy sources.

  • Gathered nearly 10,000 on an official petition to the House of Commons calling for CANDU's inclusion in the budget.

  • Wrote op-eds in national publications on the matter.

  • Bent the ear of the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, and numerous MPs through personal meetings.

  • Major media appearances spanning broadcast, radio, and print

With the help of our supporters and volunteers, C4NE is showing that grassroots advocacy can make the future better. As a proven source of clean electricity that checks the boxes on climate action, energy security, and high-quality jobs, nuclear energy deserves smart policy to support it.

We will continue to use our platform to educate about nuclear energy from the perspective of us who live, work, raise children, look after family, and breathe in Canada. There is much left to do.

For clean air, climate, and a bright future,

Dr. Chris Keefer

Emergency Physician at St. Joseph's Health Centre

Lecturer at the Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto

President, Canadians for Nuclear Energy


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